Zip Curtain

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Zip Curtain

If you want to buy a simple, extremely strong and durable, flexible roller blind, Zip Curtain will meet your needs. In the production of this curtain, Serge Ferrari technology, which is considered as the highest technology in the world, was used. With this technology, Zip Curtain has become very special and different product.

Advantages of Zip Curtain

• It is modern and aesthetic.

• Provides protection from the burning effect of the sun, wind and rain in sudden weather changes.

• Micro air perforated fabric structure circulates fresh air continuously.

• Blinds, awnings, Venetian blinds, mosquito nets, roller blinds, etc. It offers all of the product functions together.

• Special textile fabric shows high resistance against environmental effects.

• It affects the final appearance of the structures with its color varieties and provides aesthetic integrity.

• It offers high standards to the user with its remote control.

Zip Curtain Color Options

Using Area of Zip Curtain

• Winter garden

• Summer Garden

• Fronts of Window.

• Balconies.

• Pergola Environment.

• In Office

• Open Terrace

Zip Curtain Prices

You can call +90 216 349 37 38 or send an e-mail to for our sales specialist to contact you. Our sales specialist will prepare a special offer for you based on the information you provided.

Please click to see our Zip Curtain Projects.