Glass Ceiling Systems

Glass ceiling systems are a solution that gives homes and workplaces a unique view. In addition to being the most important nutrient source of the human, the sun plays an active role in the self-organization of the body. Thanks to the glass ceiling systems, your home and workplaces get more light so you feel more energetic than ever. In addition to its health benefits, the most important reasons for the intensive use of glass ceiling systems are that it gives the buildings a unique decorative appearance and brings prestige to every building which it is included. Imagine special solutions for your home. Add beauty to your creativity and home decoration with a loft and glass ceiling system where you can enjoy the stars at night. You can contact us to reach special solutions for you in the fastest way.

Roof panels can be opened and closed with engine.

• Remote control and rain sensor can be used additionally.

• The roof system consists of 3 or 4 panels gathered inside each other.

• The system can be opened in 4/3 or 3/2 ratio.

• The main carrier profile of the system is carrier up to 4 meters. Steel carrier profile is used for longer distances.

• The water resistance of the system has been tested, it never gets water.

• 18-22 mm heat glass is used in roof panels. Glass color is determined upon request.

• If desired, polycarbonate material can be used instead of glass.

• Since the roof panels can be opened individually, the windows are easy to clean from the inside and the outside.

• Glass ceiling usage areas: house, cafe & restaurant, terrace, skylight

• The spare parts of the system are guaranteed for 2 years.

• All accessories used are stainless.

• It is the best solution for workplaces affected by smoking ban.

• Depending on your request, all aluminum profiles are painted with electro-anodized powder paint according to natural anodized or RAL color codes. Polycarbonate, reflective, color etc. glasses can also be applied. Transparent or reflective glass can also be used upon request.

Glass Ceiling Technicial  Specifications

  • Roof Slope: 10% – 25%
  • Glasses should be 10 mm (5 + 5) laminated.
  • Maximum panel width: 1250 mm.
  • Maximum system length: 6000 mm.
  • Minimum system length: 2000 mm.
  • The engine used is for every 25 m2 area. (25 m2 / 1 engine)