Retractable Pergola

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What is Pergola? Pergola Systems

Pergola Systems, which can be produced in different styles, can be defined as outdoor outdoor seating units. Pergola Systems can be adjusted by the user according to any weather conditions. You can use these structures for shade in a hot and muggy weather. If you are in winter and the weather is snowy, you can benefit from the beautiful view of the snow with the help of these structures. Therefore, you do not need to take any action according to the seasonal conditions. On the contrary, Pergola Systems allow you to fully control the season that you are in.

Pergola Engine and Automation

World famous French Somfy engines are used in our products. It is guaranteed for 5 years and can be operated only with the touch of a button. using RTS technology.

Pergola Lighting System

Strong lighting or dim lighting; You can reach all of them with LED technology spot lighting or linear lighting options.

Pergola Color Options

Pergola Water Drainage System

The hidden part of the drainage system, which is integrated in both beams and columns, makes it possible to drain the water.

Pergola Fabric

The lightness, texture and colors of our fabrics soften and beautify the pergolas to which they are applied. Create luxurious and unique spaces using a wide range of colors, patterns and material combinations.

  • UV Resistant
  • Tear Resistant
  • Water and Stain Resistant
  • Easy Maintenance
  • 5-Years Warranty

Pergola Covering Options

to protect from environmental influences or create an outdoor space that can be used for four seasons.

  • Glass Systems
  • Awnings With Openable Arms
  • Zip Curtains

Pergola edges can be,

Pergola Models

Pergola Prices

You can call +90 216 349 37 38 or send an e-mail to for our sales specialist to contact you. Our sales specialist will prepare a special offer for you based on the information you provided.

Aluminum Pergola Systems Profile

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